Mespilus germanica

The Medlar is a favourite small deciduous tree which has heaps going for it. Its spring blossom is stunning and usually later to come than most fruit trees. The fruit stays on the tree for a good long time and always creates interest with those that don’t know it. If the fruit is allowed to go soft (bletted) before eating it is great with bity cheese and I think has a flavour that is a mix of bruised apple and port! It can also be used to make jelly and paste as well as fool and best of all liqueur! The autumn foliage is drop dead gorgeous and the tree becomes knarled and beautiful with age. It is as easy to grow as any apple or plum tree and comes in two main types. The Nottingham which is fairly upright and ideal for small spaces, or the Dutch which I prefer which has larger fruit and a spreading habit. I have them both available at $48.50

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