Viburnum opulus ‘Notcutt’s Variety’

Viburnums must be one of the most useful groups of garden shrubs, some offer scent, some autumn foliage,some bold evergreenness, some structural form and some fabulous berries.

My selection in this blog has probably my favourite for berries and at least in my garden the birds leave them alone so that I get to enjoy them for a very long time indeed. In fact from mid summer right through to early winter when they start to look like dried red currants!

This form also has lovely lace cap flowers in spring and its leaves usually turn attractive shades in autumn to boot so what more could you wish for?

It is also fairly hardy and will grow well in any well drained but not deadly dry site in sun or semi-shade and all you need to do to it is remove old spent stems every few years and sit back and enjoy it! It will usually grow to about 3metres so is ideal in a mixed shrub border or to soften the appearance of your paling fence. Don’t forget that the berries are also great looking and long lasting in a vase as well.

I have lovely plants in 8″ pots at $32.50 now.

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