Acer ‘Esk Flamingo’

Acer 'Esk Flamingo'Talk about a plant that does something all year round! This maple that was apparently discovered in New Zealand has so much going for it I feel the nead to take it season by season. In spring its spear head shaped leaves emerge and are white and pink mottled, interestingly the foliage becomes more variegated as the seasons advance. In autumn it turns all sorts of colours as you would sort of expect for a variegated plant. When the leaves shed its bark and shape become the features. The bark on the current seasons growth is bright pink and the older stems and trunks are green with white stripes! If all this wasn’t enough the branches arch over in a most elegant way and the plant will eventually make on informal weeping small tree to about 4 or 5metres each way. It makes a good tub specimen until it gets too large and seems surprisingly sun tolerant. I have plants in 10″ pots for $59.

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