Acer palmatum dissectum ‘Orangeola’

Weeping maples of all sorts add beauty and an oriental look to any garden without the need to install a Japanese lantern or a statue of Buddha! Most are grafted onto standards of various heights and don’t usually grow much taller. Usually ending up like a large open umbrella. They make great tub specimens, look fabulous behind a pond or as a centre piece for a large rock garden. Due to the time taken to produce them they are usually quite a costly addition to the garden but I would rather one really good plant than a whole pile of cheap dross! The array available is getting larger all the time and I have about a dozen different ones to choose from. Some a wide spreaders like A.p.d. ‘Emerald Lace’, some have rich burgundy foliage from spring to autumn like A.p.d. ‘Red Feathers’ and some like the one in the title A.p.d. ‘Orangeola’ has burgundy foliage in the spring green in summer and brilliant orange in the autumn. This cultivars main claim to fame however is that it is very pendulous and so takes up less room than many of the older forms and would look stunning tumbling over the edges of a huge pot. Large plants are at the nursery all year round of this and all the other types and prices start at $185.00 and go up to over $400.00 for very large specimens. To round out the list I have ‘Filigree’, ‘Viridis’, ‘Atropurpurea’,Inaba Shidare’,’Waterfall’, ‘Everred’, and ‘Beni-Shidare Variegated’ as well to name but some. 

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