• Acis autumnalis

    Posted on April 3, 2014 by in autumn colour, bulbs, Collector Plants, Good Pot Plant

    They can’t get much daintier than the autumn snowflake! Once included in Leucojum this tiny bulb will suddenly erupt out of the ground as the days shorten and if in large enough clumps will be quite telling in a rock garden or ornamental pot. A small clump will soon become a good sized one and I for one can’t see how anyone can have enough of them. I actually have them planted in the gaps behind some railway sleeper steps and they always stop me in my tracks (so to speak) when they are in flower.

    A sunny to semi-shaded aspect is about all you need to get you going and I have fat clumps in 3″ tubes at the moment for $6.50. What a good buy!Acis autumnalis

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