Acis tingitana

The true snowflakes are often seen as the poor cousins of the Snowdrops (Galanthus) however this is quite unfair as although they may not have as many species and certainly no where near as many forms and hybrids they certainly have quite a lot of diversity and the Moroccan Snowflake is an interesting example.

It grows to about 45cms. tall and is in flower in August in my garden (late winter for you Northern Hemispherers) the foliage is neat and slightly grey-green and the pure white pendant bells are a joy. I find it easy to grow in my climate and a steady multiplier without being outrageous.Semi shade to full sun in a well drained soil seems to be all it needs so why not add it to your garden, after all you won’t need to find a particularly large gap for it! I have plants in 3″ tubes for $10.Acis tingitana

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