Actinidia kolomikta

There are some plants out there that will always attract attention and this has to be one! It is a member of the same Genus as those furry little Kiwi fruit that have become indispensable on a pavlova. But it is for its amazing variegated leaves that you grow this plant. The variegation rarely presents itself on young plants so clients think you are trying to pull the wool over their collective eyes! But when it does some leaves will be tipped in white and others in pink, some will be all green and some can be wholly pink or white. It likes a well drained but moisture retentive soil in a spot out of the hottest afternoon sun and hot winds. Its tiny white flowers are not all that much but the scent is pleasant. Although my cats have ignored the plant some felines and known to dig its roots up and act strangely in much the same way as they are effected by cat nip, which isn’t good for young plants. I have lovely young (and yes unvariegated) plants in 6″ pots for $22.00.

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