Agapetes serpens

This Himalayan shrub can be used in so many ways. It will make a great pot or hanging basket subject and is almost impossible to root bound it due to its small epiphytic root system. Its weeping arching habit makes it ideal as a weeping standard. If left untrained it will grow to about 1.5 metres. It slowly produces a sizable lignotuber at ground level that stores moisture so it is fairly drought tolerant and it will cope well with shade as well as quite a lot of sun. The arching stems are clothed with small triangular leaves that are bronze when young and its waxy red trumpet flowers that are loved by Honeyeaters are produced in late winter and spring. All it really needs is a compost enriched well drained acid soil to be a winner. I have full sized plants in 8″ pots for $39.50 as of now for an instant standard.

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