Agathis moorei

Agathis atropurpureumThe Kauri trees of the Southern Hemisphere aren’t usually the first things that come to mind when looking for interesting plants for the garden after all they are usually very tall growing trees. Although they are conifers their large leaves would suggest that they are something else.

So why bother? Well many of the species particularly those from New Caledonia are quite rare in the wild so are great collectors plants. They are sculptural looking plants and especially whilst young make great pot plants that can even be kept indoors and in years to come if they get too big for you to deal with I’m sure that a friend with a larger garden or your local Botanic Garden will be more than happy to take it off your hands and keep it into posterity!

At the moment I have well grown plants of the New Caledonian species A.moorei in 10″ pots for $350 as well as A.macrophylla from Fiji in 8″ pots for $100. Also A. microstachya from Queensland in 12″ pots @ $375 not to mention A. atropurpurea also from Queensland @ $250 in 10″ pots and one plant of A. montana from New Caledonia in a 6″ pot for $300, and finally well as a good batch of the New Zealand A. australis in 8″ pots @ $ 50Why not hold the national collection of the Genus as long as your garden is fairly large!!!!

The top picture is A. atropurpurea, the next is A. corbassonii, followed by A. montana and then A. microstachya.  Agathis corbassoniiAgathis montana

Agathis microstachya

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