Aquilegia vulgaris ‘Middle Gully Gold’

This form of Columbine or Granny Bonnet if you prefer is one that I have selected and it now makes a telling feature in my home garden. Like all other forms of A. vulgaris it is as easy as pie to grow but is also promiscuous so that it will come truer from seed if kept away from normal green leafed forms and all non gold ones should be removed before they flower and thus cross pollinate back.

The golden foliage certainly lightens up a semi-shaded border and will do so all the warmer months. Once it finishes flowering if you don’t want it to seed, cut it down and it will produce a flush of new bright foliage. The flower is of the classic form and usually in deep blue or burgundy colours but again selection of specific colours in flowers will stabilise the form in your garden that you prefer.

The name I have given it is alluding to the original name for the township of Macedon where I live which obviously was called Middle Gully. I have plants in 15cm. pots at $16.50Aquilegia vulgaris 'Middle Gully Gold'

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