Asarum magnificum

The wild gingers as they are called are fabulous clumping or ground cover plants and in the case of this one it has large glossy evergreen leaves often well marked with white. Under the leaves it produces stranger black and white flowers well worth looking for in late winter and spring. This one makes a tight clump. The spreading evergreen called Asarum splendens has stunning marbled leaves and flowers that look like they have been fried! Asarum caudatum ‘Album‘ makes wonderful large mats of evergreen glossy leaves and produces starfish like green flowers and is my favourite ground cover form. On the other hand A. caulescens makes clumps of deciduous of bright green leaves and strange starry chestnut coloured flowers. This is but some of the ones I grow and and I am adding addictively all the time. I sell them all in 6″ pots and charge $18.50 each for all but the rarest ones I have.

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