Atropa belladonna

Yes this is the feared deadly nightshade but you have to eat it!!!!! If we only knew how many poisonous plants we have in the garden and let it worry us we would probably stop gardening. If the kiddies are a worry then train them to eat things that come in punnets. This plant is an elegant and attractive perennial to 1metre with soft lemon flowers in late spring and early summer that likes a light aspect out of the hot sun and will gratifyingly self seed if happy!

If your garden is full of Daphnes, Brugmansias, Daffodils, and rhubarb then there is no reason not to have deadly nightshade and in fact you could start a new trend! Next year I hope to have the brown flowered form for sale to round out your collection!

I have plants in 15cm.pots at $18.50 so why not!Atropa bella-donna lutea


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