Aucuba chinensis

I love plants with bold gutsy foliage particularly if they grow well in the shade and this evergreen shrub which obviously hails from China certainly does.

It will grow to about 3metres tall and has glossy heavily veined leaves that can get to about 30cms. long and that at least for the time being is it in the beauty stakes, but it is certainly enough.

At this stage I have no idea whether we have a boy or a girl or if it will cross pollinate with the better known A. japonica.

This species seems not to be as drought tolerant as the afore mentioned Japanese species but otherwise is similar, really a bit like that one on steroids!!

It would also make a great tub specimen and I see no reason why it couldn’t be used as an indoor plant.

I have young plants in 6″ pots for $22.50Aucuba chinensis

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