Author name: Stephen Ryan

Horticulturalist, nurseryman, collector, prolific writer and award-winning radio broadcaster and TV host. Owner of Dicksonia Rare Plants nursery and open garden Tugurium. ABC patron of Royal Hortocultural Society Victoria & friends of Geelong Botanic gardens President Plant Trust.

Aristotelia fruticosa

This rarely offered New Zealand ever-bronze shrub should not be ignored by we gardeners and for the following reasons: It is upright and narrow to 3 metres or so making it ideal in narrow beds, between windows or as a narrow eye catching feature plant. The tiny bronze-green leaves make it texturally interesting and although …

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Kolkwitzia amabilis

This large arching deciduous shrub from China isn’t seen anywhere near enough in Australian gardens. It is cold hardy, reasonably drought tolerant and will grow well in sun or semi-shade. It can easily reach 3 to 4metres tall and in late spring its arching elegant branches are covered with a mass of little pink trumpets …

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Rubus lineatus

This has to be one of the best foliage plants that I grow. It is a Raspberry (or Blackberries) relative which makes suckering clumps of bamboo like stems up to 3metres tall. Its compound palmate leaves are beautifully pleated with a silvery reverse and evergreen. It likes moist semi-shade and can make large colonies if …

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