Beesia calthifolia

This stunning Asian woodlander is only just making its presence felt in Australia. It was first named in 1915 after Bees Nursery in England but didn’t make it into cultivation in any real way until Bleddyn Wynn-Jones and Dan Hinkley reintroduced it into Western horticulture in 1996 and am I glad they did.

It has stunning heart shaped leaves with attractive mottling that are more or less evergreen which is precious in woodlanders as so many are ephemeral so leave gaps. Although the leaves in the neat mounds they form are the main game the spikes of little fluffy white flowers aren’t to be sneezed at.

Give it light shaded a a little summer irrigation and it shouldn’t be too hard to grow, in fact in permanently moist conditions it is likely to lightly self seed which is lovely. I have plants in 20cm. pots at $18.50.Beesia calthifolia

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