Mackaya bella

This South African shrub in the same family as Acanthus (oyster plant) is an unsung garden hero! It will grow in dry shade as well as sun, will quickly get to 3metres each way, is easily pruned to size, has lovely rich deep green foliage and a mass of trumpet flowers that are off white …

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Neillia thibetica

This deciduous Asian shrub isn’t used anywhere near enough in gardens and anyone who has a copy of my now out of print first book “Exceptional Plants” can look it up and find out everything about it. For those of you silly enough not to have bought this important book I had best give you …

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Serapias lingua

I am no orchid expert and in the cold climate of Mt. Macedon I couldn’t grow the tropical ones without the heated greenhouse that I don’t make enough money to build! I have however grown a few cool climate terrestrial species and I have found this one very easy. Alright it isn’t as showy as …

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