Greyia sutherlandii

This hardy South African shrub grows to about 3metres over time, is deciduous in colder climates and has its spikes of brilliant red flowers for months during the spring. The leaves are large and bright green looking very like those of a zonal pelargonium, what some would still call a geranium. The shrub itself has …

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Polylepis pauta

The evergreen small tree is native to the Andes mountains and is the highest altitude woody plant in the world! It is also in the Rosaceae family and its leaves look remarkably like large glossy versions of our native burr Acaena. It will eventually grow into a small knarled specimen 4 or 5metres tall and …

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Cyclamen cilicium

This charming little species is rarely grown in Australia and for no god reason as it is hardy, showy and self seeds well in a semi-shaded aspect in Southern Australia. Perhaps as it is autumnal in flower it is overlooked for the more common species of C. hederifolium which is better known and also worth …

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