Brachyglottis repanda

DSC_0560 2I have a great love of this evergreen shrub from New Zealand for several reasons. Firstly it is a first rate foliage plant with huge soft green leaves with a felty white reverse. secondly it is fairly cold tolerant but looks tropical, Thirdly it grows well in semi-shade and is comparatively drought tolerant and lastly it is known as Bushman’s friend or more bluntly as bushman’s toilet paper which always gets a giggle!

It grows quite quickly and can get to 3 to4 metres with ease however it is also very prunable so can be kept bushy and down to a smaller shrub. The foliage is basically what it is all about however its tiny scruffy white daisies are formed in large panicles and are sweetly scented.

I have plants in 25cm. pots at the moment for $32.50

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