Brugmansia sanguinea

I have always had a love hate relationship with the Angel’s Trumpets as I love them but they hate our cold frosty climate! However I have found that the hardiest species B. sanguinea in both its forms thrive at less than tropical Macedon and I now have one of each that have to be at least 4metres each way in the garden and they usually flower prolifically throughout the late autumn and winter for me. Really heavy frosts burn them a tad but they soon bounce back. Nothing in my garden has me wanting to don the leopard print lap lap and swing through my less than tropical rain forest than these plants (neighbours beware!). They grow well in sun or semi-shade, aren’t fussy about soil and need very little water once established.

A hard pruning can be given if they get too big but I for one want mine as big as I can get them.

I have lovely plants of both the red and yellow form and the yellow and green form in 8″ pots at $22.50.

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