Calycanthus chinensis

What a great newish plant to western horticulture. First described as a new Genus Sinocalycanthus but since sunk into the Genus with its North American relative and suddenly we have a first ranking garden shrub.

It will grow to about 3metres, is deciduous with large handsome glossy bright green leaves that turn yellow in autumn. It is however for its stunning flowers produced in late spring and early summer that you should be growing it for. They are about 20cms across and white slightly tinged with palest of pink with a soft lemon centre. It is bound to have all your friends asking what it is so as to have one for themselves, if you want to keep it to yourself don’t tell them!!!!!!!

Plant it in a light aspect out of the hot winds and afternoon sun in any reasonably fertile soil and enjoy. I have really lovely plants in 8″ pots for $46.50OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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