Canna compacta

There is something softer and more subtle about the species Cannas compared to the vast majority of Hybrid ones. Not that I necessarily want subtle when I want a Canna!

This one if you except it as a species (some authorities don’t) grows to about a metre tall and has classic green leaves over topped with spikes of soft apricot orange flowers from early summer well into autumn especially if you regularly dead head it. I find preening Cannas by dead heading and removing spent stems completely keeps the plants flowering longer and looking good throughout the growing period.

Don’t forget that it is impossible to over feed or over water Cannas and that they make great pot plants for a sunny aspect in good soil with a saucer of water kept under them thought the warmer months.

I have plants of this and several species available in 20cm. pots for $23.50Canna compacta

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