Canna ‘Paperwhite’

I love Canna Lilies, They are tough given water, tropical looking and a great vertical accent plant. Shame that so many people used them so badly over the years in huge undiluted blobs (you know who you are!).

A friend from Queensland, Frank Hogan, has been selecting new forms and protecting heritage clones for years and his stock is all virus free, and due to his generosity I now have one of his Cannas to sell.

It will grow to 2metres with grey-green foliage and soft lemon flowers with raspberry flares. Apparently in his climate it fades to almost white hence the name but not so at cooler Macedon. I love it and just wait till I have enough of Canna ‘Stephen Ryan’ to sell (yes he named it after me) it is as close to the holy grail of Cannas, a white as I have yet seen.

In the mean time you will enjoy C. ‘Paperwhite’ and I have plants in 8″ pots for $28.50Canna 'Paperwhite'

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