Nerine pudica

This small South African autumn flowering bulb is apparently rare in the wild and yet I find it a good doer that multiplies well for me at the nursery. It is in flower in April each year and grows about 25cms. tall with white flowers striped pink on the outside of the petals. It seems …

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Albuca nelsonii

This giant of its Genus is a bulb from the Eastern Cape area of South Africa and in areas with little to no frost it is certainly a conversation piece. Its large bulbs sit half out of the ground atop of which sits a cluster of evergreen bright green strappy leaves. Come early summer it …

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Serapias lingua

I am no orchid expert and in the cold climate of Mt. Macedon I couldn’t grow the tropical ones without the heated greenhouse that I don’t make enough money to build! I have however grown a few cool climate terrestrial species and I have found this one very easy. Alright it isn’t as showy as …

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