Collector Plants

Viburnum henryi

The Genus Viburnum is a remarkable one with a huge diversity of uses and features. In fact you could have a whole garden made up of nothing but and it would be interesting and exciting, with evergreen and deciduous, some with scent,some with berries, some with autumn colour, some with tiered branches or round ground …

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Malus tschonoskii

God knows how one should pronounce the species name of this fabulous Japanese Crab Apple but don’t let that put you off buying one! It is an upright, even slender tree that would make it a good alternative to those hackneyed upright Pear trees that everyone and their dog seems to be planting! And it …

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Canna glauca

I have grown to love cannas over the years although one has to say that seeing them in beds of mixed colours with nothing to soften them can be off putting, think council bedding. These statuesque plants should be used as features amongst other things such as ornamental grasses Canna glauca could be said …

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Cormus domestica

You will probably know this plant or find it in books as Sorbus domestica, the Sorb or Service berry but we all need to get used to the name changes unfortunately. What ever you call it however it is a wonderful ornamental deciduous tree which is edible to boot. It is reasonably upright in habit …

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