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Serapias lingua

I don’t grow a lot of orchids as they usually need specific conditions to perform well and I just don’t have time to fiddle unfortunately. However some ground Orchids and this one in particular are easy plants ideal in pots or in a sunny rock garden where they can be allowed to dry out in …

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Rubus parviflorus

The Thimbleberry is a suckering deciduous North American raspberry relative with upright thornless stems and huge soft green leaves that would have me planting it if it did nothing else. However in spring it produces large pure white flowers (strangely large for the Genus yet the name parviflorus means small flowered!). When the flowers finish …

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Tropaeolum speciosum

I well remember this amazing herbaceous climber  known as Flame Creeper dripping out of yew hedges in England and couldn’t wait to try it myself. So eventually seed came my way and up they came. It all seemed too easy considering the dire warnings of pundits suggesting it needs a Scottish climate to thrive! Well …

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Beesia calthifolia

This stunning Asian woodlander is only just making its presence felt in Australia. It was first named in 1915 after Bees Nursery in England but didn’t make it into cultivation in any real way until Bleddyn Wynn-Jones and Dan Hinkley reintroduced it into Western horticulture in 1996 and am I glad they did. It has …

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Hydrangea seemannii

How many self clinging evergreen cold hardy flowering climbers do you know? There aren’t that many but this Hydrangea has all of those features and is obviously something that we should all considering for our gardens, particularly as it will grow to the height of its support and more or less stop there. If you …

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