Collector Plants

Rubus lineatus

This has to be one of the best foliage plants that I grow. It is a Raspberry (or Blackberries) relative which makes suckering clumps of bamboo like stems up to 3metres tall. Its compound palmate leaves are beautifully pleated with a silvery reverse and evergreen. It likes moist semi-shade and can make large colonies if …

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Disporum uniflorum

This elegant woodland plant from Asia is a favourite of mine. It makes neat clumps of stems to 60cms. tall with fresh green foliage and pendant yellow bells in high spring. It likes classic woodland conditions with overhead deciduous shade and a soil rich in humus and if these requirements are met all should be …

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Ferula linkii

This amazing perennial comes from the Canary Islands and is one of the tallest of the Genus that in flower can reach 3 to 4metres tall. Its foliage comes up in winter and looks like Fennel on steroides and in fact they are commonly called Giant Fennel and where the botanical name comes from. The …

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Ribes speciosum

Flowering Currants are usually hardy shrubs and perhaps a little old fashioned in the eyes of some although the Honeyeaters seem to still love them. The above species from California is however something quite different with its spiny arching stems and pendant scarlet tubular flowers in late winter and early spring. It is drought tolerant …

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