Collector Plants

Elegia capensis

The South African Thatching Rush is a truly spectacular foliage plant. Its fluffy stems grow to about 1.5metres and are elegant adornments to the garden or as cut foliage which lasts and lasts in water. It loves a damp site and is obviously ideal next to a pond but unlike so many bog plants it …

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Arum, palaestinum

This is a very hardy winter growing tuberous plant from the Middle East with handsome bright green foliage and large burgundy-black flowers in early spring. The flowers smell of manure for the first day or so making it an ideal practical joke plant (just smell the lily!). I use it in my perennial border for …

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Cydonia sinensis

This was until recently known as Pseudocydonia sinensis or the mock Chinese quince and it has to be the best small tree that one could have! It has attractive pink blossom in late spring that in summer become large egg shaped yellow -green fruit which can be used for jelly or as I found out …

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