Foliage plants

Albuca nelsonii

This giant of its Genus is a bulb from the Eastern Cape area of South Africa and in areas with little to no frost it is certainly a conversation piece. Its large bulbs sit half out of the ground atop of which sits a cluster of evergreen bright green strappy leaves. Come early summer it …

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Canna ‘Grande’

If you still think of Cannas as those old things then you are definitely behind the times! I know that for years we were inflicted with large beds full of nothing but in council plantings with no colour coordination what so ever and these beds are still out there! But as great tropical looking foliage …

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Puya alpestris

This Genus of cold hardy plants in the pineapple family  from South America are plants that I have become attached to, in more ways than one! They are tough as guts drought tolerant bold foliage plants ideal in tubs or a centre piece for a rock garden that will let you put your hand in …

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Griselinia scandens

I first saw this South American arching shrub at the Mt. Tomah Botanic gardens and immediately knew I had to have it. It has elegant long arching branches clothed with stemless glossy apple-green leaves and in winter it produces open clusters of tiny chocolate flowers. It is however its habit and leaves that it should …

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Maesa montana

This odd shrub came my way quite some time ago and didn’t initially make much impact. The leaves are large and a bright green but not of a particularly interesting shape so I plonked it in the garden to see what if anything interesting it could do. It has now made a shrub of about …

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