shade tolerant

Skimmia x confusa

This Genus contains all evergreen shrubs of dense rounded habit that usually don’t grow more than about a metre tall by as wide in about 10 years. This supposed hybrid will rarely grow even half as tall. They all like constant shade as direct sun can bleach or even burn the leaves. They are all …

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Aucuba chinensis

I love plants with bold gutsy foliage particularly if they grow well in the shade and this evergreen shrub which obviously hails from China certainly does. It will grow to about 3metres tall and has glossy heavily veined leaves that can get to about 30cms. long and that at least for the time being is …

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Halleria lucida

Attractive and interesting multipurpose evergreen shrubs are not that easy to find hence the proliferation of such abominations as the James Stirling Pittosporum grown in the thousands to annoy good gardeners everywhere. Were I looking for a quick growing shrub to 4 metres or so to hide my strange behaviour from them next door I …

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Anemone flaccida

The smaller anemones make great plants for semi-shaded aspects in moist soil and as such make good bed fellows with such choice things as Trilliums and Erythroniums. Certainly plant the European wood anemones of the nemorosa persuasion and don’t miss this little Japanese beauty. It flowers first every year for me so extends the season …

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