shade tolerant

Rubus thibetanus

The ghost bramble isn’t for every gardener but quite a few plants I grow would fit under the same title. After all not every body wants a prickly suckering shrub but having said that how many of your have a Rugosa Rose? This plant will make a cluster of arching stems to about 1.5metres tall …

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Trillium luteum

Of all the woodland plants that one could grow this Genus must be the creme del a creme with their stunning flowers and wonderful foliage and I guess the only  down side is the remarkably slow growth rate of most of them!! This is the first time after about 15 years of having this particular …

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Viburnum henryi

The Genus Viburnum is a remarkable one with a huge diversity of uses and features. In fact you could have a whole garden made up of nothing but and it would be interesting and exciting, with evergreen and deciduous, some with scent,some with berries, some with autumn colour, some with tiered branches or round ground …

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Rubus rugosus

There are blackberries and there are blackberries! I spend a lot of time destroying the weedy ones and almost no time tending this handsome beastie. It has long arching canes so needs a fence or other support to tie it back to and the oldest canes need removing every couple of years otherwise it couldn’t …

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