shade tolerant

Saruma henryi

This lovely woodland perennial is rarely seen in nurseries in Australia and I have a nice batch just potted into 6″ pots at $18.50 so don’t miss out. It grows to about 40cms. tall and has furry heart shaped leaves that are a feature on their own, but when it flowers its three petalled yellow …

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Jovellana violacea

This is a much neglected evergreen soft wooded shrub from South America that could find a place in any moist semi-shaded spot in your garden. It grows to about 1metre tall and will in time make a small suckering clump. It produces its mauve, purple spotted and yellow tongued flowers in clusters during the early …

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Cyclamen repandum

My favourite species is probably the one that is in flower at the moment! And C. repandum is just coming out as the spring approaches and so is my favourite at the moment. Its flowers are usually a strong carmine pink with long elegant curled petals and the perfume is divine, although it is best …

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