drought tolerant

Pinus patula

The Mexican pine has to be one of the most elegant species that you could grow as a specimen tree in a fair sized lawn and it is cold hardy (at least in Australia) and heat and drought tolerant as well. It will quickly grow to 20metres or so and its tassel like needles hanging …

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Euhttp://stephenryan.com.au/wp-admin/update-core.phponymus fortunei radicans

Euonymus fortunei from Asia is a remarkably hardy and incredibly diverse species including trailing ground covers, climbers and even quite large shrubs. In the case of variety radicans it is a bit of a trailing ground cover that will also climb up any suitable surface and in both instances it is a light open plant …

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Greyia sutherlandii

This hardy South African shrub grows to about 3metres over time, is deciduous in colder climates and has its spikes of brilliant red flowers for months during the spring. The leaves are large and bright green looking very like those of a zonal pelargonium, what some would still call a geranium. The shrub itself has …

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Skimmia x confusa

This Genus contains all evergreen shrubs of dense rounded habit that usually don’t grow more than about a metre tall by as wide in about 10 years. This supposed hybrid will rarely grow even half as tall. They all like constant shade as direct sun can bleach or even burn the leaves. They are all …

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Genista hispanica

The Spanish Gorse is a rarely seen but highly attractive non invasive ground cover shrub ideal for sunny dry banks. It grows to about 1metre tall by as much as 3metres wide and has spiky green stems without foliage for much of the year so is texturally interesting. Come spring it erupts with a mass …

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Aucuba chinensis

I love plants with bold gutsy foliage particularly if they grow well in the shade and this evergreen shrub which obviously hails from China certainly does. It will grow to about 3metres tall and has glossy heavily veined leaves that can get to about 30cms. long and that at least for the time being is …

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