Euonymus europeus

The European Spindle berry, so called because its hard wood was used to make spindles for spinning wheels and it apparently was also used for rolling pins as well, how useful! It is however for its hardiness and ornamental values that I plant and recommend this small tree. It is a deciduous plant to 4metres …

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Hypericum uralum

The Genus has a wide distribution and comes from a huge range of habitats so it is only to be expected that diverse forms have evolved from annuals to alpines, ground covers to moderately large shrubs. Some have become weedy and others are used in herbal medicine.  What is strange is that this Genus consists …

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Euonymus alatus

Now that autumn is here we (at least in the cooler areas) should be revelling in the autumn coloured foliage, but have you noticed that so many of the best known plants of this season tend to be large trees and wouldn’t it be nice to have some of this largess at a lower level. …

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Calycanthus chinensis

What a great newish plant to western horticulture. First described as a new Genus Sinocalycanthus but since sunk into the Genus with its North American relative and suddenly we have a first ranking garden shrub. It will grow to about 3metres, is deciduous with large handsome glossy bright green leaves that turn yellow in autumn. …

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