Zenobia pulverulenta

This small elegant evergreen from the Eastern United States is unfortunately basically ignored in Australia and yet it would make a good pot plant or shrub in a cool border that would replace admirably a scruffy old lacewing ridden and petal blight prone Evergreen Azalea ( I know they are botanically Rhododendrons all you pedants!). …

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Albuca nelsonii

This giant of its Genus is a bulb from the Eastern Cape area of South Africa and in areas with little to no frost it is certainly a conversation piece. Its large bulbs sit half out of the ground atop of which sits a cluster of evergreen bright green strappy leaves. Come early summer it …

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Puya alpestris

This Genus of cold hardy plants in the pineapple family  from South America are plants that I have become attached to, in more ways than one! They are tough as guts drought tolerant bold foliage plants ideal in tubs or a centre piece for a rock garden that will let you put your hand in …

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