Arbutus glandulosa

This is one of the best small evergreen trees for the quality of its bark. Not only that but it is hardy in our climate, has attractive foliage, lovely pale pink flowers beloved by Honeyeaters, charming reddish fruit also bird attracting and will only grow to about 7metres or so. What more could you want. …

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Quercus dentata

Oaks have for some years now proved their worth in our southern Australian climate. Almost without exception they have dealt with years of drought with aplomb, wet summers as well, have proven to be fire retardant and in most cases have virtually no weed potential so what more could you want? I hear many of …

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Agathis moorei

The Kauri trees of the Southern Hemisphere aren’t usually the first things that come to mind when looking for interesting plants for the garden after all they are usually very tall growing trees. Although they are conifers their large leaves would suggest that they are something else. So why bother? Well many of the species …

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Euonymus europeus

The European Spindle berry, so called because its hard wood was used to make spindles for spinning wheels and it apparently was also used for rolling pins as well, how useful! It is however for its hardiness and ornamental values that I plant and recommend this small tree. It is a deciduous plant to 4metres …

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Aesculus indica

Looking for a largish spreading shade tree that not everyone has planted? Well this could be the tree you are looking for. It comes from the Himalaya region and will eventually become a tree to 30metres although you and I aren’t going to see that! Its large palmate leaves are coppery tinged in the spring …

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