Chaenomeles ‘Peach Melba’

The flowering Quinces or as they are often known “Japonicas” are a group of extremely hardy more or less deciduous shrubs with late winter flowers that are elegant as free standing shrubs or fantastic as hedges. The flowers in a vase can make you look like an expert flower arranger! Any aspect that isn’t soggy wet will do so why don’t we see more of this indispensable group planted.

A nursery mate of mine from N.S.W. Graeme Parr has for some time been selling a form that he was calling ‘Double Cream’ which I decided to try and when it flowered I was blown away! It started as a double creamy white with an odd raspberry flash in the centre of the flower but as it aged it turned the loveliest shade of peach. On talking with Graeme and telling him that this was obviously more that ‘Double Cream’ he suggested I name it as it seemed to be a sport that he found. I suggested ‘Peach Melba’ due to the colours exhibited being those of the dessert and the Australian connection with the “Dame” herself. Graeme liked it and so if you already have his ‘Double Cream’ you can call it ‘Peach Melba’ and if you don’t then you should get it! I have plants in 8″ pots for $28.50.

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