Clematis armandii ‘Apple Blossom’

One of the worlds great climbing plants from China. It is a vigorous evergreen plant with large glossy rich green leaves that start life a rich copper colour in the pink forms. In early spring the growth produced last spring will produce swags of softest pink highly scented flowers that will have you standing there with your mouth open! Like pretty well all species in this Genus it likes a well drained but not dry soil with its roots in the shade. The foliage likes the sun but it can perform perfectly well in semi-shade as well. Give it room if you can as the bigger it gets the more spectacular the show. I also grow two other pink forms. C.a. ‘Hendersonii Rubra’ which is a slightly deeper pink with rich ruby red new growth and a new seedling selection made by my friend John Carroll at Mudgegonga which we have called ‘Roundhill’ after his property. This is earlier flowering with bronze buds opening to a similar shade to the last and with particularly strong ruby new growth. As if that wasn’t enough I also stock the pure white C.a ‘Snowdrift’, its new foliage is soft green. As all are quite difficult to propagate they are rarely available but I have lovely stock of them all in 8″ pots at $65.50. ready to plant.

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