• Clerodendrum chinensis var. chinensis

    Posted on March 7, 2014 by in autumn colour, Collector Plants, Deciduous, drought tolerant, Foliage plants, scented, Shrubs

    Yes I know I’ve done this Genus twice before but I promise this will be the last time unless I find some more cold hardy species! This one is a suckering shrub up to 1.5metres tall in my climate and it will wander quite a distance (you have now been warned!) but it wouldn’t stop me growing it and nor should it stop you. The large leaves have the give away smell if you crush them (you don’t have to!) and in autumn they are topped with heads of scented double white flowers from pink buds.

    It grows happily in semi-shade with little watering and as so many other things are going to sleep it is looking stunning. It is frost tender but I find once established it will reshoot from the roots in spring if badly hit and I now have enough to share. I have it in 8″ pots at $28.50 at the moment so don’t miss out.Clerodendrum chinensis var

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