Clerodendrum trichotomum

Alright I know my last post was about a Clerodendrum but I can’t help it I love them!

This one can grow to a small tree and like so many others it does sucker so you can end up with a free copse! It is deciduous and will grow to about 4metres or so with a spreading crown. It will grow well in sun or semi-shade and isn’t particularly water hungry.Clerodendrum trichotomumClerodendrum trichotomum-2

The white scented flowers are produced in summer which is fabulous and these are followed by highly entertaining blue berries in a deep pink inflated calyx.

As if this wasn’t enough the foliage when brushed or crushed smells (at least I think so!) of peanut butter which is nicer than many species in this Genus and will excite small children of all ages. I have nice plants in 10″ pots for $32.50 as we speak so what is stopping you?

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