Cormus domestica

You will probably know this plant or find it in books as Sorbus domestica, the Sorb or Service berry but we all need to get used to the name changes unfortunately. What ever you call it however it is a wonderful ornamental deciduous tree which is edible to boot.

It is reasonably upright in habit to 15 or 20 metres so is ideal as a shade the in a smallish garden. Its Ash like leaves turn the most incredible brilliant orange in autumn, it has clusters of small white flowers in spring and its cherry sized fruit turn reddish when ripe.

The fruit can be eaten raw once bletted (on the cusp of rotting!) or they can be used to make jams, cider or best of all brandy!

It is happy in any sunny to semi-shaded site where it doesn’t get too dry and if the soil is good it will make a sizable tree in 10 to 15 years.

I have 2metres specimens in 25cm. pots for $49.50 so be the first in your street to have this rare ancient fruit tree.Sorbus domestica

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