Corylus avellana ‘Contorta’

The Crazy Filbert has to be one of the best conversation piece plants you could have in your garden especially for its winter effect. It will eventually become a large shrub and its main claim to fame are the twisted contorted branches which in late winter are festooned with pale yellow catkins. No one can walk past without comment and those with a bent towards floral art need to be restrained if they have pruning implements at hand! The foliage is large and also curls and twists which is off putting to those that bought their plant in winter as it looks like it has curly leaf!

Plant it in a tub or the ground preferably with a blank wall behind so that it is seen to advantage in winter. It will grow well in sun or semi-shade as long as it is out of the hot summer winds.

It is important not to buy a grafted plant as it will continue to sucker straight stems for the rest of its life (which is likely to be longer than yours!) which will need regular removal.

I have new stock in 10″ pots on their own roots at $65.50

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