Crataegus mexicana

There has been some dispute over the name of this small extremely hardy tree but there can be no dispute over its ornamental value! You may see it listed as C. stipulacea or C. pubescens or even a mixture of any of the afore mentioned. It can of course be called the Mexican Hawthorn and is an evergreen spreading little tree with classical white spring flowers and large crabapple like berries that ripen by early winter to a lovely rich yellow. The birds at least in my garden leave them until they hit the ground which is usually very late winter so what more could you want! It can be pruned to shape and would make a fabulous tall hedge. The fruit can be used to make Haw Jelly which always gets a laugh when you offer it for breakfast. If you don’t use the fruit for cooking it lasts well in a vase most of the winter. I have good plants in 10″ pots at $38.50 and am happy to order in January larger numbers for all you hedge planters! By the way it will grow in almost any well drained soil ( no matter how rubbishy) and will cope with drought, wind and any other pestilence your garden can offer!

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