Cyclamen rohlfsianum

If you want a truly rare and exquisite plant it would be hard to find a better one. This species hails from a small area in Libya and is actually easier to grow than most of the books would have you believe.

Its flowers are produced in autumn and are the only ones in the Genus that has exerted stamens. These are  follow by unique serrated leaves that hang around till the weather warms up in the late spring.

Plant it in a sunny aspect with the tuber about 5cms. down in well drained soil that can be kept really dry throughout the summer. This is particularly important with old tubers that tend to have a concave centre that can collect water when the plant is dormant thus rotting it out. I have it growing well in my gravel mulched north facing rock garden and am no smugly getting flowers each year, hopefully I will soon get some self sown seedlings.

I have young plants for sale at $25.Cyclamen rohlfsianum

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