Cydonia sinensis

This was until recently known as Pseudocydonia sinensis or the mock Chinese quince and it has to be the best small tree that one could have! It has attractive pink blossom in late spring that in summer become large egg shaped yellow -green fruit which can be used for jelly or as I found out tasty pickled quinces which are great with pork dishes. The foliage turns amazing reds to yellows in autumn and the bark on an established tree is as good as that of a crepe myrtle.If all of the above isn’t enough to get you excited it will with age become a lovely small tree with a rustic outline and will grow anywhere that an apple or plum will. It requires no more than a sunny well drained site to do its best.

Even the smallest garden could house one and I have seedling raised plants in 6″ pots at the moment for $22.50

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