Danae racemosa

This slow growing evergreen plant from South West Asia to Iran has long been on my want list and over the last few years it has come my way as it should come yours! It is called Poet’s Laurel or Alexandrian Laurel and is in fact the plant used to make the wreaths that crowned those who won merit in Ancient Greece and Rome.

It grows into an arching mound of glossy green cladodes which function as leaves and in due course will produce small green flowers and red berries although these aren’t the main game it is all about its elegant form and glossy mock foliage which by the way makes incredibly long lasting material for floral art once you have a good sized clump.

The other (and one could say most important) feature of this evergreen perennial is its love of shade and it can also cope well with dry soil. So although it can take some time to grow to its 1.2 metre height and width it will grow in areas that little else will.

I have 15cm. pots for $22.50 and considering how long it takes to get a saleable plant it is a bargain!DSC_0929

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