Desfontainia spinosa

I love the flora from South America and having had the chance to visit Peru, Argentina and Chile over the years has only stimulated this interest.

I have however been growing this evergreen shrub for about 35 years and never loose interest in it. The leaves could easily be mistaken for those of a holly and only give themselves away in being opposite instead of alternate so that only the really observant will be able to tell.

However when its yellow tipped brilliant orange trumpet flowers are in evidence it couldn’t be less of a holly.

The shrub usually grows to about 2metres and likes a moist aspect with morning sun for preference. It is fairly slow growing and quite prunable so that it could be fine in a fairly small space or a large pot.

I have nice young stock in 15cm. pots at the moment for $22.50Desfontainea spinosa

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