Disporopsis arisanensis

This shade loving woodland perennial from Taiwan is from a Genus only just making some impact in horticulture. It is evergreen and grows to about 20cms. tall and is related to Polygonatum (Solomon’s Seal) and looks very like a small evergreen version.

Its arching stems produce nodding white bells in spring with an almost black interior followed by purple/black berries and for the rest of the time it will make a slowly expanding colony of glossy green foliage.

I have two forms that only seem to vary in that one grows slightly taller than the other so perhaps both could find a place in your woodland (under a tree!) or fernery.

Evergreen woodlanders are comparatively scarce  so are all the more precious for it, so why not come and get a 6″ pot or two, or even some of the other related species that I stock at $20 each.Disporopsis arisanensis

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