• Disporum megalanthum

    Posted on January 17, 2014 by in Collector Plants, evergreen, Foliage plants, Good for cutting, Good Pot Plant, Perennials, Woodlanders

    I love any plant with the elegance of Solomon’s Seal and this Chinese woodlander is very like an evergreen version. It grows to as much as 60cms. tall with arching stems and in my form soft lemon bells in spring hanging below the elegant stems.

    Unlike Solomon’s Seal it is evergreen and the stems branch slightly. The leaves are a shiny mid-green and its evergreen nature makes it particularly valuable as there seems to be a lack of such woodlanders. It is important with all of these to cut all the old stems to the ground just as the new ones are poking through as the old ones look tatty by then and won’t flower for a second time

    Give it light permanent shade and a moist aspect and it will repay royally. But don’t stop there as this Genus and Disporopsis have quite a few goodly evergreen species. I have this one plus others at $20 in 6″ pots.Disporum megalanthum

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