Elegia capensis

The South African Thatching Rush is a truly spectacular foliage plant. Its fluffy stems grow to about 1.5metres and are elegant adornments to the garden or as cut foliage which lasts and lasts in water. It loves a damp site and is obviously ideal next to a pond but unlike so many bog plants it is happy to dry out a bit if the water level drops as it tends to in most Australian summers.

It is usually raised from seed as plants hate to be lifted and divided and as male and female flowers for on separate plants and it generally doesn’t germinate unless there has been a fire there isn’t much chance of it becoming weedy. The flowers by the way are attractive heads of bronze which add to the overall effect.

Due to the complications of propagation it isn’t often available but I have lovely plants at the moment for $38.50 in 20cm. pots.

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