Epimedium ‘Black Sea’

I have been busy potting this years supply of Epimediums all week and have many lovely ones to select from, so many in fact that selecting one to blog about was so hard that in the end it was almost close my eyes and point!

E. ‘Black Sea’ is however something of a stand out plant in my opinion. It is a tough thing growing well in sun or shade and with a bit of cold in the winter the foliage gets a lovely blackish cast which shows off the soft apricot flowers to perfection. The flowers also last well and sit well above the leaves so it’s an all round good garden plant. Expect it to make good clumps but not to run around. All my Epimediums are in 6″ pots and sell for $18.50 so why not plant all 20 or so types!Epimedium 'Black Sea'

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